Hackster.io: BrainChip’s AI for IoT Akida Spiking Neural Network Accelerators Go Mass Market

via Hackster.io

Designed to mimic the human brain, the Akida accelerator comes with bold claims for efficiency and performance.

Neuromorphic computing specialist BrainChip has announced its biggest milestone yet: full commercialization of its Akida AKD1000 edge AI processors as mini-PCIe accelerators.

“I am excited that people will finally be able to enjoy a world where AI meets the Internet of Things,” says Sean Hehir, BrainChip’s chief executive. “We have been working on developing our Akida technology for more than a decade and with the full commercial availability of our AKD1000, we are ready to fully execute on our vision. Other technologies are simply not capable of the autonomous, incremental learning at ultra-low power consumption that BrainChip’s solutions can provide. Getting these chips into as many hands as possible is how the next generation of AI becomes reality.”

The path to commercial availability has been a long one: BrainChip was showcasing its Akida processors, which are designed to mimic the way the human brain operators as a means of running spiking neural networks considerably more efficiently than traditional processors… READ THE FULL ARTICLE¬†