Efficient. Effective.

Essential AI. Close to the sensor. Inspired
by the human brain. We’re embedding our
IP in everything, everywhere.

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Do more with less.

Our technology brings common sense to the processing of sensor data, freeing machines to do more with less.

Accurately. Elegantly. Meaningfully.

We call this Essential AI.

15 years of AI architecture research.

World leading team of neuromorphic experts.

Centers of engineering excellence in Australia, USA, France, and India.

Meet Akida

BrainChip AkidaTM IP
is like no other…

Distributed computation and event-based action
delivers unparalleled performance and efficiency.

  • Ultra-low latency
  • Runs multiple networks simultaneously
  • Performs one-shot learning
  • Remarkably power efficient
  • Cloud independent
  • Flexible and quick to deploy
  • Privacy enabling
  • Good for the planet

Tech Foundations

Distributed Computation

Each NPU has dedicated compute and
memory, reducing data movement.

Event-Based Processing

NPUs perform computationally on
events (non-zero values).

Event-Based Communication

Send events over mesh network without
host CPU intermediation.

Event-Based Learning

On-Chip learning algorithm.

Akida is Uniquely Essential

BrainChip’s IP fabric can be placed either in a parallelized manner that would be ideal for ultimate performance, or space-optimized in order to reduce silicon utilization and further reduce power consumption.

Entire neural networks can be placed into the fabric, removing the need to swap weights in and out of DRAM resulting in a reduction of power consumption while increasing throughput.

Additionally, users can modify clock frequency to optimize performance and power consumption further.

Akida in Action


Let’s sharpen the Edge together.

We’re pushing the limits of AI on-chip compute to
maximize efficiency, kill latency, and conserve energy.

Join us.

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