Essential AI.

Ubiquitous, distributed AI.
Close to the sensor.
Inspired by the human brain.
Enabled by us.

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The world’s first commercial producer
of neuromorphic IP.

BrainChip brings common sense to the processing of sensor data, freeing machines to do more with less, enabling them to infer the big picture from the basics.

Accurately. Elegantly. Meaningfully.

We call this Essential AI. Essential is optimizing compute. Maximizing performance. Minimizing power. In the real world. And in real time. We’re proving that on-chip AI, close to the sensor, has a sensational future, for our customers’ products, as well as the planet.

AkidaTM is the world’s first commercial neuromorphic processor.

It mimics the brain to analyze only essential sensor
inputs at the point of acquisition—rather than through
transmission via the cloud.

  • Efficient – with unparalleled precision and economy of energy.
  • Independent – keeping learning local to the chip.
  • Scalable – Universally deployable to support any sensor data.
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AI Enablement

Sensors make digital interaction more straightforward and more meaningful, and smart sensors make edge AI possible.

BrainChip’s AI Enablement Program makes entry to edge AI simple and real. Each of our tiered programs brings you from concept to working prototype with varying model complexity and sensor integration levels.

In addition, our AI experts provide training and support to make the process efficient and smart.

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More Accuracy.

Akida creates a truly intelligent edge by accurately identifying, extracting, analyzing, and inferring only the most meaningful data.

More Security.

Akida reduces the overall attack surface by locally processing, storing, and analyzing sensitive data.

More Economy.

Akida shifts certain tasks and functions to more efficient edge silicon, lowering costs, reducing data center workloads, and decreasing power consumption.

More Efficiency.

Akida minimizes data movement between endpoints and the cloud, increasing efficiency, reducing latency, and accelerating service delivery.

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Power Efficient Microwatts

Akida performs up to trillions of operations per second while only consuming microwatts to milliwatts of power.

Ultra-Low Latency

Akida supports ultra-low latency applications by minimizing or eliminating data movement between endpoints and the cloud.

Multiple Networks Simultaneously

A single Akida chip runs many different neural networks simultaneously.

One-Shot Learning

Akida leverages one-shot learning to improve the hearing, smelling, tasting, and tactile abilities of smart sensors.



Akida in Action

BrainChip is the antidote to more. To more devices. More data. More demands on the data center.

Our technology brings commonsense to the processing of sensor data, freeing machines to do more with less, enabling them to infer the big picture from the basics.

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