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BrainChip Automotive brings Essential AI to the next generation of smarter cars.

In-cabin experience is improved with on-chip learning for keyword spotting, “hey car,” face recognition, driver authentication, gesture recognition, and the unique ability to combine sensory modalities, creating a roadmap for the in-cabin experience of the future. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) focus on the automobile industry, as embedded sensors provide surrounding data that radically improve safety and pave the way for fully autonomous vehicles.

However, the amount of sensor data processed “in-car” can require significant compute and associated valuable power. BrainChip’s solution has hardware at the sensor to analyze the data in real-time and forward “inference data” to the car’s central processor. This architecture improves performance and radically reduces system-level power consumption.

System health monitoring is another critical use case that leverages BrainChip’s Akida processor IP. Any piece of machinery produces vibrations or sound representing a healthy state, which changes over time as the equipment ages or is damaged. While the human ear may not be able to distinguish minor changes in sound that indicate an impending problem, the Akida Edge AI processor can provide early diagnostics through real-time analysis of sensor data on issues such as reducing human-related errors and labor costs, preventing machinery deterioration in real-time. This offers invaluable progress towards complete safety and reducing maintenance costs.

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Brainchip Home brings Essential AI to the smart home of today and tomorrow.

As sensor-enabled devices become standard to simplify interaction with digital technology, smart sensors with AI enablement bring end-user interaction and user experience to the next level.

From entertainment systems to smart thermostats, home electronics integrate sensors to manage performance and improve user interaction. BrainChip’s unique ability to efficiently process any sensor modality – vision, audition, olfaction, gustatory, tactile enables unending AI enablement use cases to make products better.

Sensor-enabled devices make homes safer with person detection and recognition. Simplify appliance interaction with keyword and phrase recognition, improve electronic device usability with gesture and even facial expression recognition, and improve the safety and security of home medical devices with on-chip continuous learning. Combine sensor modalities to create unparalleled user interaction.

BrainChip works with industry leaders to make their products more intelligent, better, and safer.

BrainChip works with industry leaders to make their products more intelligent, better, and safer.

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BrainChip Industrial makes the promise of industrial IoT real. Manufacturing is becoming increasingly automated, and sensors are fundamental to capturing and analyzing tolerances and quality. AI has also become a standard component of inferences and automated decisions.

Finally, the need for machine learning to add classification categories without disrupting output is critical.

High performance (inferences/second), remarkable efficiency (microwatt), and one-shot on-chip learning, bring optimized productivity, reduced downtime, and improved security to your factory floor.

BrainChip has demonstrated and deployed capabilities for industrial applications including:

  • Object classification
  • Robotics control for vision, audition, tactile
  • Quality control
  • Machine control and preventative maintenance

BrainChip works with industrial leaders to make their manufacturing environments smarter, more productive, and fundamentally secure.

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