Join BrainChip at the AI Hardware Executive Outlook Summit

Following the success of the 4th AI Hardware Summit that took place 13-16th September in Mountain View, US, Kisaco Research is proud to announce the annual 2022 Executive Outlook. The Executive Outlook provides leading industry executives, and key decision makers, an exclusive chance to network, discuss and share their views and predictions on the market from a strategic viewpoint, and, collectively define a vision for the future of AI systems.

Our Executive Outlook is an annual, end-of-year executive-level summit and awards ceremony. It will recognize both engineering and business achievements during the year and gather the very best and brightest in the AI acceleration world, to pause and reflect on the year and set a vision for the following 12 months.

The forum will consist of analyst overviews and predictions, executive keynotes, and an awards ceremony.

The AI Hardware Summit will continue to be the event that brings together the AI acceleration community to put the best AI systems in the hands of the world’s leading scientists, researchers, and enterprises.

The AI Hardware Executive Outlook Summit is designed to celebrate this incredible industry and unify its members in a shared vision of the future.

Thursday December 1, 2021 US ET | Online & Broadcasting Globally

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