eeNews: Akida spiking neural processor could head to FDSOI

via eeNews

BrainChip is starting to deliver its Akida1000 system chip to customers although the company insists that is main business model is intellectual property licensing, similar to ARM’sThe Akida1000 contains 80 neural processors and is implemented in 28nm CMOS (see Brainchip’s Akida is a fast learner) and Brainchip announced the start of volume production in April 2021. This was shortly after Louis DiNardo quietly left the position of CEO in March. Peter van der Made, the founder of Brainchip and previously CTO, has taken up the CEO role.

Anil Mankar, chief development officer, told eeNews Europe: “Chip production volume is just starting now. But you will see a lot of IP licensing going forward.” He added: “We are process agnostic.”

The near-term focus is supplying the Akida IP to…READ THE FULL ARTICLE