At the Summit 2023, BrainChip and AI Put the “Ability” in Sustainability

At the Impact Summit 2023, Todd A. Vierra, Vice President Customer Engagement at BrainChip, led a workshop in keeping with the summit’s theme, “Resilient and Sustainable Cities.” The workshop, “Sustainable Cities Using Smart Efficient AI” explored how AI can boost sustainability in transportation, preventative maintenance, environmental monitoring and control, urban agriculture, smart-city infrastructure, and more. After all, resource limitations are where Edge AI excels. With Akida™ Technology as its flagship product, BrainChip has found methods to boost computational speed, accuracy, and efficiency by orders of magnitude, further expanding AI’s use cases at the Edge. Vierra showed clips from demos running voice drone commands, in-cabin visuals, vibration sensing and analysis, gesture interpretation, and other applications for Akida’s sensor-agnostic intelligence.