VDC Awards BrainChip an “Embeddy” Award at Embedded World 2023

BrainChip took top honors at this year’s Embedded World conference in Nuremberg, German. VDC Research created the award to recognize those companies that make the most important advances in the IoT and embedded software, hardware, and services industries.

BrainChip took the award for IP. The Akida 2nd Generation Platform supports the embedded AI processor market and is sure to drive groundbreaking progress in the industry, particularly at the far Edge. More complex networks like RESNET-50 can be processed by Akida without CPU intervention and the platform supports 8-bit weights to go with existing 4,2,1 bit support. Akida also adds an efficient vision transformer implementation for acceleration and can handle 3D data for applications like video object detection and target tracking as well as 1D time series data for streaming data on devices with limited memory, battery, and compute resources.

BrainChip congratulates the other winners: Eurotech ReliaCOR Secure Edge AI for hardware and 1NCE OS for software.

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