Neuromorphic AI at Edge with BrainChip

By Sulagna Saha

May 12, 2022

Neuromorphic computing may still be at an emerging stage, but there are companies hard at work trying to harness its power to make AI more accurate, responsive and energy efficient. Jerome Nadel, who is the new Chief Marketing Officer at frequent Tech Field Day presenter, BrainChip Holdings Ltd, met with us for a virtual briefing to talk about BrainChip’s neuromorphic AI IP and the latest AI enablement program.

Edge AI Faces Some Serious Stumbling Blocks on Its Way

For much of the past decade AI has been in steady development and evolution in that space has been pretty staggering as a result. But even with things rolling at a seemingly great speed, the edge device market is facing some steep challenges around AI implementation. Organizations are scrambling to meet skyrocketing needs for capability, compute and bandwidth in effect of the data explosion. Most of the data acquired is low quality and not actionable, and so far providers have been able to do relatively little to help with this situation.

Moreover, when AI is distributed, it is for one, more energy-intensive, and for another high on latency. As if that wasn’t bad enough, distributed AI comes with a steep memory requirement and lots of data inferencing, all of which accumulate into cost. All told, the road ahead for edge AI seems rocky, if not worse.

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