BrainChip Demonstrates Akida Technology at tinyML Summit

March 28-30, 2022


tinyML Summit 2022 allows attendees to take part in the sharing, learning, and celebrating tinyML. With ever more pervasive advances in technology and algorithms, tinyML is rapidly becoming a reality. The incredibly open and collaborative nature of ML technology allows this field to advance so quickly. From its inception in 2019, the tinyML community has grown tremendously and has benefited greatly by supporting one another. Through leveraging the collective knowledge of the community, the Summit presents attendees with the opportunity to learn new ideas and approaches to solve problems and become more effective and efficient.

BrainChip will be demonstrating their achievements in neuroprocessing at the edge that enable even lower-power, higher-performing AI in audio, vision, olfactory, lidar and other edge sensors. Stop by for a live demo and chat with the team.

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