BrainChip has announced an Early Access Program (EAP) for the Akida neural processor SoC.

via ElectronicsWeekly

Partners have engaged in the early development of systems and solutions utilising the software development environment and chip simulator all contained in the Akida Development Environment (ADE).

By utilizing the complete flow available in the ADE, designers have successfully developed and trained highly-optimized neural network solutions using the Company’s development flow, including the Tensorflow and Keras environments.

Optimised and trained models can be run on the ADE to evaluate performance on the Akida processor. With the Akida evaluation board, the same trained networks and control files used in the ADE will be used to program the neural processor SoC to run the complete neural network. This enables partners to implement their hardware solutions quickly and efficiently.

“Leading companies in the automotive industry and surveillance market have committed to the Early Access Program or signed Development Agreements,” says Brainchip CEO Lou DiNardo, “additionally, we are focused on opportunities in the Smart Home area, Smart Health and Industrial IoT.”