Edge AI and Neuromorphic Computing for All

On the July 7 episode of AI For All, BrainChip CMO Nandan Nayampally talked with the podcast’s hosts Ryan Chacon and Neil Sahota exploring the inspiration behind neuromorphic chips, the benefits and trade-offs of Edge AI, the economics of hardware choices, real-world AI trends including the evolving equations for Cloud, Edge, and much more.

Nandan also explains how, exactly, BrainChip’s platform is “neuromorphic”, without need for being analog, and why the human brain was chosen as the model for our products. Understand the significance to many industries of the compute power that AI brings to sensor sites — where the need and the stimuli are — for an immediate and reliable response. Learn how trade-offs between generalization and efficiency will play out in future use cases and why scalability costs will push more compute work to be performed locally.