Join BrainChip at the Edge Computing World Event October 12 – 15, 2021 – Virtual

BrainChip is a Gold Partner at this year’s event.

BrainChip Presents Intelligent AI Everywhere: Smart Transportation

BrainChip’s Akida neural processor unit brings intelligent AI to the Edge with ease. Sensors at the edge require real-time computation and managing both ultra-low power and latency requirements with traditional machine learning is extremely difficult when it comes to empowering smart intelligent edge sensors.

In the next generation of intelligent AI at the edge (not the edge of the cloud!), BrainChip’s Akida NPU, leverages advanced neuromorphic computing as the engine. Akida solves critical problems such as privacy, security, latency, low power requirements, with key features such as one shot learning and computing on the device with no dependency on the cloud. BrainChip is delivering on the next generation demands by achieving efficient, effective and easy AI functionality.

In this session, you will learn how to easily apply efficient AI in smart transportation edge devices by implementing Akida IP into your SOC or as stand alone silicon.

Edge Computing World is the premiere series of events for the Edge Computing space, recognized for bringing together the entire edge market for learning and networking.

Edge Computing World Global in October will bring together over 4000 attendees from end users, ecosystem and developers, and 125+ speakers in total with a unique collection of edge experiences, case studies & insights.

Edge Computing World has a heavy emphasis on end user case studies, sharing market experience for the benefit of the community. Never before have so many edge end-users been gathered together in a single event to share their views and opinion on the benefits and challenges of deploying edge computing.

The Event comprises three major elements – The Edge Executive Conference on October 13th & 14th features End User presentations, case studies and business insights from across the market, including sectors such as healthcare, telco, industrial, media, automotive, smart cities, oil & gas & retail sectors.

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