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Edge AI & Vision Alliance Summit

May 25-27, 2021 – Virtual Event

Expert Bar with BrainChip:

Putting AI at the sensor, not the edge of the cloud!

Come talk with the BrainChip team to better understand how sensors at the edge require real time computation and managing both ultra low power and latency requirements with traditional machine learning is extremely difficult to empower smart intelligent edge sensors.

Utilizing BrainChip’s Akida NPU, leverage advanced neuromorphic computing as the engine for intelligent AI at the Edge. Akida is solving critical problems such as privacy, security, latency, low power requirements, with key features such as one shot learning and computing on the device with no dependency on the cloud. BrainChip is delivering on the next generation demands by achieving efficient, effective AI functionality.

Bring your questions about how to achieve success with AI at the edge (not the edge of the cloud!)

Ask us about how you can effectively implement efficient AI in edge devices for many applications implementing Akida IP into your SOC or as stand alone silicon. As well as using BrainChip’s MetaTF software development environment to run your networks in the event domain.

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About the Event: This Summit attracts a global audience of companies developing vision and edge AI-enabled products including embedded systems, cloud solutions and mobile applications.

It is designed to inspire you to use embedded vision and edge AI technology in new ways and to empower you with the practical know-how you need to integrate vision and other edge AI capabilities into your products.

Meet innovators, luminaries and colleagues in this fast-growing field. Talk one-on-one with leading vision technology suppliers and learn about their offerings. Attend in-depth workshops and how-to sessions across the landscape of computer vision and edge AI.

For the second consecutive year, the Summit is available as a 100% online experience—both live and on-demand!

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