Investor Podcast Episode 2: BrainChip Board Chair, Antonio J. Viana Addresses Investors in Two-Part Investor Podcast

BrainChip Board Chair Antonio J. Viana responded to investor-submitted questions in our Q2 investor podcast hosted by Director of Global Investor Relations Tony Dawe. In Part 1, Viana gave his frank views on such hot-button topics as global reporting and ESG considerations, changes in remuneration and stock compensation since the AGM, execution of the commercialization strategy for the Akida™ platform and the state of the global AI sector and its impact on BrainChip customers.

Viana explained why BrainChip’s products could have a “massive global impact” on climate and other ESG concerns simply by performing against its existing commercialization strategy. He outlined the four things that customers look for when they evaluate BrainChip’s products—and why BrainChip’s message resonates.

Watch Part 2 below!