Episode 29: Podcast with Edge Impulse CEO Zach Shelby on AI after the “Hype Cycle,” Generated Data Sets, the Tradeoffs of Scale, and Addressing Real-World Needs.

Zach Shelby, CEO of Edge Impulse, was a recent guest on the BrainChip podcast. Shelby is an IoT pioneer in simplifying development platforms for AI at the edge. He brought his passion for machine learning, embedded solutions and IoT to this lively and enlightening discussion with BrainChip CMO Nandan Nayampally. Hear about Shelby’s astounding metrics for developer recruitment, training volume, and adoption; using AI to fill the gap when data sets are small or non-existent; the challenges of bringing AI to manufacturing and real-world use cases.

Shelby is a familiar and highly respected leader in the ML community. He founded Sensinode, an enterprise wireless network provider in the early days of IoT that was acquired by ARM, enabling him to develop ARM’s IoT business, first as Director of Technology and later as VP of Developers. At ARM, he helped create the non-profit BBC Micro:bit Educational Foundation and served as its CEO. In addition to his activities as a serial entrepreneur, Shelby is an angel investor in Amini.ai, Augmenta.ai, Operant.ai, and Petasense. Shelby serves on the board of TinyML and has won a Nokia Foundation Award for his work on IoT.