Episode 30: Podcast Discusses Trends in Edge AI with Arm Fellow Ian Bratt

Follow a conversation between Ian Bratt, fellow and senior director of technology at Arm, and BrainChip CMO Nandan Nayampally. The two assess predictions about smaller, specialized models and the promise of power-efficient data sets. They evaluate other factors that could accelerate the adoption of AI at the edge in the very near future. In addition to technical topics, they share their views on AI’s imminent impact on education and jobs, its ethical nuances, and its creative potential.

Bratt is an expert on ML, CPUs, GPUs, memory systems, and SoC architecture. His team architected Arm’s line of NPUs; before his work in ML, Bratt served as architect for many releases of Arm Mali GPUs during a period of rapid growth. He previously worked at Tilera, a startup that innovated multicore technology. His S.M. degree is from MIT, and he has 23 granted US patents to his name. Listen in as Bratt and Nayampally cover the evolution of Tiny ML and the larger role of AI.