BrainChip On-Chip Learning with Akida 10.02.2020

Feb 12-13  tinyML   we are sponsor with booth and demo

Demo Title: On-Chip Learning with Akida

Presenter: Chris Anastasi, Senior Field Applications Engineer, BrainChip Inc 

This demonstration will show how AkidaTM, a complete neural processor from BrainChip Inc., can perform various types of learning at the edge in real-time. As a high-performance and ultra-power neural processor including incremental and few shot learning capabilities, Akida is an ideal solution for Edge and IoT applications.

Utilizing a Dynamic Vision Sensor Camera and the Akida simulation environment, the demonstration will show a Neural network both running inference on hand gestures as well as being trained on new hand gestures, in real time.  The Neural network running on the Akida simulator is composed of two convolutional layers capable of storing pre-trained weights as well as updating weights real time using an algorithm based upon STDP.

During the demo, the SNN will be trained live on hand gestures from users located in front of the DVS camera. The user will be able to train the SNN to learn five different hand gestures that will be learned in seconds and will  be immediately recognized.

tinyML Summit  February 12-13th San Jose 2020 will continue the tradition of high quality invited talks, poster and demo presentations, open and stimulating discussions, and significant networking opportunities. It will cover the whole stack of technologies (Systems-Hardware-Algorithms-Software-Applications) at the deep technical levels, a unique feature of the tinyML Summits. While the majority of the participants and speakers will come from industry, leading edge academic research will be represented as well as an important ingredient of the evolving tiny machine learning ecosystem. In 2020, special attention will be given to recent progress on algorithm development and tiny machine learning use-cases and applications. The program will be organized in four technical sessions: Hardware, Systems, Algorithms & Software, and Applications. There will be approximately twenty invited presentations selected by the Technical Program Committee and dedicated poster sessions and demos by tiny machine learning companies and sponsors. Overview and hands-on tutorials on hardware and software developments will be available the day before the main technical program starts.