Akida, 2nd Generation

From Perception to Cognition

BrainChip is a proud sponsor of the Global Semiconductor Alliance’s 2023 European Executive Forum. Along with this, one lucky attendee will receive a DJI Tello drone and a BrainChip Akida PCIe Board.

The BrainChip development board can execute neural networks to control the Tello drone. As an example of a neural network application controlling the drone, BrainChip created a demo showing the drone responding to voice commands. See the video on this webpage.

This demo used the Akida PCIe Board and the DJI Tello drone from the raffle prize plus a Wi-Fi-enabled host computer, and a Wi-Fi Access Point. A neural network running on the Akida PCIe board translated voice audio into drone commands sent to the drone via a Posix socket through the Wi-Fi access point. The neural network was trained to recognize 9 commands from the Google Speech Command dataset that are applicable to drone control.

There is also a mock-up of how you could use the video stream from the Tello drone’s onboard camera and control it by using Akida for gesture recognition.

Are you up to the challenge of implementing such a system? Watch more videos like this and subscribe to the BrainChip YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Thanks to the Global Semiconductor Alliance for hosting the drone raffle as part of the 2023 European Executive Forum. Follow this link for more information: GSA 2023 EEF.