BrainChip Demonstrates How its Akida Technology is Delivering the Next-Generation of AI at the Edge at First-Ever AI Field Day

Aliso Viejo, Calif., November 16, 2020 — BrainChip Holdings Ltd. (ASX: BRN), a leading provider of ultra-low power high performance AI technology today announced its participation at the AI Field Day 1 virtual event November 18-20.

AI Field Day is the first-ever entry into the long-running series of Tech Field Day events presented by Gestalt IT.  BrainChip will present the Akida TM Neuromorphic System-on-Chip (NSoC), the company’s next-generation, ultra-low power event domain neural processor. The Akida NSoC is capable of inference and incremental learning and supports many of today’s standard neural networks. The AI Field Day will be a live-streamed meeting of invite-only influencers November 19 at 9 a.m. PST.  The session will later be available for viewing on the program’s social media channels.

The Akida NSoC is a revolutionary advanced neural networking processor that brings artificial intelligence to the edge in a way that existing technologies are not capable. The solution is high-performance, small, ultra-low power and enables a wide array of edge capabilities. The Akida NSoC represents a new breed of neural processing devices for Edge AI applications. Comparisons to leading DNN accelerator devices show significantly better images/second/watt in video applications running industry standard benchmarks with MobileNet, MobileNet-SSD and Key Word Spotting, while maintaining excellent accuracy.

The Akida NSoC is designed for use as an embedded accelerator or as a co-processor. It includes high-speed data interfaces such as PCI-Express, USB, I2S and I3C. An on-chip MPU is used to control the configuration of the Akida neuron fabric as well as off-chip communication of metadata. The Akida NSoC is a scalable solution utilizing a built-in serial chip-to-chip connectivity to allow up to 64 devices to be arrayed as a single solution.

“We are excited to be among the first companies invited to present at AI Field Day and look forward to sharing with attendees the advancements that we have made in artificial intelligence through the development of our Akida technology,” said Louis DiNardo, BrainChip CEO. “As AI continues to move out of the data center and cloud to the Edge where data is being created, we are enabling inference and incremental learning for a wide variety of use cases.  We believe that our presentation at AI Field Day will be among the most enlightening and showcase the fundamental shift that is occurring in the industry and how Akida is leading that change.”

Tech Field Day is a series of invite-only technical meetings between delegates invited from around the world and sponsoring enterprise IT companies that share their products and ideas through presentations, demos, roundtables, and more. Over 2-3 days, a panel of a dozen delegates interact with 6-10 companies on-site in areas like Silicon Valley. These sessions are live-streamed, and recordings are shared across their social media channels like YouTube and Twitter. These events focus on enterprise IT topics from the datacenter to the cloud, mobility and networking to security and storage.

About Brainchip Holdings Ltd (ASX: BRN)

BrainChip is a global technology company that is producing a groundbreaking neuromorphic processor that brings artificial intelligence to the edge in a way that is beyond the capabilities of other products. The chip is high performance, small, ultra-low power and enables a wide array of edge capabilities that include on-chip training, learning and inference. The event-based neural network processor is inspired by the spiking nature of the human brain and is implemented in an industry standard digital process. By mimicking brain processing BrainChip has pioneered a processing architecture, called Akida™, which is both scalable and flexible to address the requirements in edge devices. At the edge, sensor inputs are analyzed at the point of acquisition rather than through transmission via the cloud to a data center. Akida is designed to provide a complete ultra-low power and fast AI Edge Network for vision, audio, olfactory and smart transducer applications. The reduction in system latency provides faster response and a more power efficient system that can reduce the large carbon footprint of data centers.


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