BrainChip to Present at the Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements Workshop 24.03.2019

  • 7th annual conference brings together leading researchers in Neuromorphic Computing
  • Dr. Kristofer Carlson, BrainChip Senior Research Scientist will present AkidaTM Neuromorphic System-on-Chip

SAN FRANCISCO, March 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BrainChip Holdings Ltd (ASX:BRN), the leading neuromorphic computing company, is pleased to announce it will be presenting at the 7th annual Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements (NICE) Workshop.

The NICE Workshop is a global gathering of researchers in neuromorphic computing. The conference is being held on March 26-28, 2019 at the State University of New York (SUNY) Polytechnic Institute in Albany, New York.

BrainChip is an invited speaker to this year’s event.

Dr. Kristofor Carlson, Senior Research Scientist at BrainChip, will be presenting “Akida: A Low-Power Neuromorphic SoC for Efficient Event-Based Computation.” During his presentation Dr Carlson will be discussing the ground-breaking technology of the Akida Neuromorphic System-on-Chip (NSoC). The Akida NSoC executes event-based spiking neural networks (SNNs), which are inherently lower power than traditional convolutional neural networks (CNNs), making them ideal for artificial intelligence (AI) edge applications.

SNNs replace math-intensive convolutions with biologically inspired neuron functions and feed-forward training methodologies. While inspired by biology, the Akida NSoC is implemented in a pure digital logic process, ensuring its reliability and low cost, critical for high-volume edge applications. The Akida NSoC incorporates convolutional and pooling layers which enables it to run event-based convolutional neural networks as well as on-chip learning in fully-connected layers. This fully user-configurable combination of on-chip learning and event-based inference offers exciting new possibilities beyond deep learning for AI edge applications.

Peter van der Made, CTO of BrainChip, commented, “It is a great honor to be an invited speaker to this pre-eminent gathering of neuromorphic computing scientists. We look forward to sharing how the Akida NSoC advances the state-of-the-art in neuromorphic computing.”

The NICE Workshop continues to promote the goal of bringing together the varied and diverse researchers and applications with the neuromorphic computational and information processing communities to promote the current industry advancements and inspire the future of neuro-inspired computation system solutions.

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