Electronic Design — Developing Neuromorphic Devices for TinyML

Nov. 30, 2022 – Eldar Sido

The current generation of neural networks doesn’t analogously reflect the actual operation of the brain, which has led neuroscientists to research networks that more closely resembled how the brain operates.
What you’ll learn:
  • A look at the latest generation of neural networks called spike neural networks (SNNs), their operation, and the hardware necessary to run those algorithms.
  • The variety of advantages SNNs have over conventional artificial neural networks.
  • How the 3.0 generation of neural networks will play a huge role in the upcoming era of TinyML, along with a variety of use cases/industries those devices can target.

Neural networks (NNs) have been inspired by the brain. However, using neuroscience terminologies (neurons and synapses) to explain neural networks has always given grievance to neuroscientists since the current generation of NNs are poles apart from how the brain operates.

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