Episode 27: Podcast with USC Professor Dr. Gaurav Sukhatme on Innovation in AI, Robotics & Autonomy

Dr. Gaurav Sukhatme, Professor of Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering at USC, joins BrainChip CMO, Nandan Nayampally, to discuss the fields of AI and robotics.

With more than three decades of experience in the field, Dr. Sukhatme is the co-director of the USC Robotics Research Laboratory and is the director of the USC Robotic Embedded Systems Laboratory, which he founded in 2000. He is a recognized expert in the fields of networked robots, learning robots and field robotics. He holds the Fletcher Jones Foundation Endowed Chair in Computer Science and serves as the Executive Vice Dean at the USC Viterbi School of Engineers, in addition to being an Amazon Scholar. Dr. Sukhatme has focused on developing algorithms, techniques, and tools to design and understand large-scale, distributed, networked robotic systems with an emphasis on environmental monitoring. He also works in learning and planning for robot grasping and manipulation.

“Gaurav’s deep knowledge and dedication to the field of robotics and artificial intelligence has inspired and equipped the next generation of technology innovators to drive these fields forward both in academic research as well as in the industry,” said Nayampally. “He brings great insights into the evolution of modern robotics, AI and autonomy, and his belief in the future of intelligent compute is contagious and I’m excited that we can share these with our audience.”

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