BrainChip Talks AI Innovation with Accenture’s Managing Director and Global Chief Technology Officer of Accenture Applied Intelligence Jean-Luc Chatelain Jan 9, 2023
BrainChip Joins Technology Partners During CES to Demonstrate Capabilities of Akida-Powered Solutions Dec 29, 2022
BrainChip Joins Intel Foundry Services IP Alliance to Advance Neuromorphic AI at the Edge Dec 11, 2022
Edge AI Evangelist Sally Ward-Foxton is the Latest Guest of BrainChip’s ‘This is Our Mission’ Podcast Dec 4, 2022
BrainChip Adds Rochester Institute of Technology to its University AI Accelerator Program Nov 22, 2022
BrainChip Names Former Arm Executive Nandan Nayampally as Chief Marketing Officer Nov 20, 2022
BrainChip Appoints Duy-Loan Le to its Board of Directors Oct 31, 2022
BrainChip Showcases its Essential AI at IoT World Oct 26, 2022
BrainChip Exhibits its Essential AI Capabilities at the Linley Fall Processor Conference 2022 Oct 23, 2022
BrainChip Fortifies Neuromorphic Patent Portfolio with New Awards and IP Acquisition Oct 12, 2022
BrainChip Presents at Edge AI Summit and AI Hardware Summit Sep 8, 2022
Chris Stevens, Industry Veteran Joins BrainChip to Lead WW Sales Sep 6, 2022
BrainChip and Edge Impulse Host Webinar Aug 22, 2022
BrainChip Empowers Next Generation of Technology Innovators with Launch of the University AI Accelerator Program Aug 16, 2022
Edge Impulse Releases Deployment Support for BrainChip Akida Neuromorphic IP Aug 3, 2022
BrainChip’s ‘This is our Mission’ Podcast Deep Dives on Essential AI Jun 30, 2022
BrainChip Partners with Prophesee Optimizing Computer Vision AI Performance and Efficiency Jun 19, 2022
Media Alert: BrainChip Discusses Impact of AI with Marc Staimer on Latest ‘This is our Mission’ Podcast May 29, 2022
BrainChip Joins Arm AI Partner Program May 22, 2022
BrainChip and Edge Impulse Partner to Accelerate AI/ML Deployments May 16, 2022
BrainChip to Exhibit at the 2022 Embedded Vision Summit May 16, 2022
BrainChip Launches AI Enablement Program May 10, 2022
Media Alert: BrainChip and MosChip to Demonstrate Capabilities of Neural Processor IP and ASICs for Smart Edge Devices at IESA AI Summit May 9, 2022
Media Alert: BrainChip Drives Intelligent Edge AI at AutoSens Detroit May 9, 2022
Media Alert: BrainChip Welcomes Doug Fairbairn from Eco-System Partner MegaChips to its Latest ‘This is our Mission’ Podcast Apr 26, 2022
BrainChip and NVISO Partner on Human Behavioral Analytics in Automotive and Edge AI Devices Apr 19, 2022
BrainChip and SiFive Partner to Deploy AI/ML Technology at the Edge Apr 5, 2022
Media Alert: BrainChip Talks Disruptive Technologies with Foundries.io Ian Drew as Part of its ‘This is Our Mission’ Podcast Mar 28, 2022
Media Alert: BrainChip Demonstrates Neuromorphic AI Capabilities of its Akida Platform at tinyML Summit 2022 Mar 23, 2022
BrainChip Continues Expansion with Sales Partnerships in New Geographic Markets Mar 10, 2022
Yahoo Finance: BrainChip Holdings Ltd Announces Participation in Upcoming Investor Conferences Mar 10, 2022
BrainChip appoints Antonio J. Viana as Chairman of the Board Feb 28, 2022
Media Alert: BrainChip Podcast has a Field Day with AI Expert Stephen Foskett Feb 27, 2022
Media Alert: BrainChip CEO Presents at International Investment Forum 2022 Feb 16, 2022
BrainChip Awarded US Patent for Accessing Learned Functions in an Intelligent Target Device Feb 1, 2022
BrainChip Podcast Returns with CEO Sean Hehir Jan 30, 2022
Jerome Nadel Joins BrainChip as Chief Marketing Officer Jan 25, 2022
BrainChip Reflects on a Successful 2021, with Move to Market Readiness Behind Next-Generation Edge-Based AI Solutions Jan 23, 2022
BrainChip Achieves Full Commercialization of its AKD1000 AIoT Chip with availability of Mini PCIe Boards in high volume Jan 17, 2022
Information Systems Labs Joins BrainChip Early Access Program Jan 9, 2022
BrainChip Appoints Pia Turcinov as Non-Executive Director Jan 4, 2022
BrainChip Podcast Takes a Holiday Dec 7, 2021
BrainChip CTO Peter van der Made Named AI Hardware 2021 Innovator Award Winner Dec 3, 2021
BrainChip Partners with MegaChips to Develop Next-Generation Edge-Based AI Solutions Nov 21, 2021
BrainChip appoints Sean Hehir as New Chief Executive Officer Nov 14, 2021
BrainChip Goes to the Edge and Beyond at Edge AI Summit November 15-18, 2021 Nov 11, 2021
BrainChip Quadruples U.S. Headquarter Space to Facilitate Growth as Company Accelerates Commercialization Nov 10, 2021
BrainChip Completes Testing Production Version of the Akida Chip Nov 9, 2021
BrainChip Holdings Ltd Launches American Depositary Receipt Program Nov 3, 2021
BrainChip Podcast Delves into AI at the Edge with Topio Networks CEO Philippe Cases Nov 2, 2021
BrainChip Begins Taking Orders of Akida AI Processor Development Kits Oct 21, 2021
BrainChip Returns to the Linley Processor Conference with Discussion of Next-Generation AI-Enabled IoT Devices Oct 15, 2021
BrainChip Takes the Wheel at Edge Computing World Global 2021 Oct 8, 2021
BrainChip Presents at Investment Forums Throughout October Oct 5, 2021
BrainChip VP of Worldwide Sales and CFO to Co-present at Fall Harvest Best Ideas Conference Sep 30, 2021
BrainChip Podcast Explores Neuromorphic Computing with Industry Expert Michael Azoff Sep 28, 2021
BrainChip Goes Virtually Everywhere at AI Everywhere Forum 2021 Sep 27, 2021
BrainChip Celebrates Milestone Podcast with Leadership Roundtable Sep 2, 2021
BrainChip Named Among EE Times’ Silicon 100 Aug 27, 2021
Tech Alert: Key Differences Between Transfer Learning and Incremental Learning Aug 24, 2021
BrainChip Receives Akida Chips from Socionext America Aug 17, 2021
BrainChip Demonstrates that Intelligent AI is Everywhere at AI Hardware Summit 2021 Aug 6, 2021
Tech Alert: Navigating Driver Privacy and Safety of Electric Vehicles, Self-Driving Vehicles Jul 29, 2021
BrainChip Discusses AI’s Positive Impact on the Human Condition with Public Interest Technology Advocate Katina Michael Jul 27, 2021
BrainChip Engages Integrous Communications as Investor Relations Advisor Jul 15, 2021
BrainChip Takes a Look at what ML and AI can Achieve with Arm Fellow Jem Davies Jun 30, 2021
BrainChip Taps Former ARM Executive Antonio J. Viana as Non-Executive Director Jun 28, 2021
BrainChip Shares Business Insights: OTC Market Group’s International Virtual Investor Conference Jun 15, 2021
BrainChip Dives Further into AI Ecosystem with Edge Impulse CEO Zach Shelby Jun 1, 2021
BrainChip highlights its Akida Neural Processor at AI Field Day 2 May 25, 2021
Advantages of Putting AI on Sensors at the Edge: Embedded Vision Summit May 20, 2021
BrainChip Stock Listing Upgraded to OTCQX Best Market May 13, 2021
BrainChip Demonstrates Akida Neuromorphic Processor as Part of Data Science Week May 10, 2021
BrainChip Talks with Rob Lincourt of Dell Technologies in Latest Monthly Podcast May 3, 2021
BrainChip Simplifies Deep Learning with Launch of MetaTF Apr 22, 2021
BrainChip Updates Ticker Symbol on OTC to BRCHF; Applies for Upgrade to OTCQX Exchange Apr 16, 2021
BrainChip Begins Volume Production of Akida AI Processor Apr 14, 2021
BrainChip Talks More Efficient Event-Based AI at Linley Spring Conference 2021 Apr 7, 2021
BrainChip Research Enter into a Research Collaboration with Biotome for SARS-CoV-2 antibody detection Apr 5, 2021
BrainChip Releases Latest Episode in ‘This is our Mission’ Series Mar 30, 2021
BrainChip Joins tinyML Summit 2021 for Ultra-Low Power Edge Machine Learning Technologies Mar 17, 2021
BrainChip Added to S&P/ASX 300 Index Mar 15, 2021
BrainChip’s Success in 2020 Advances Fields of On-Chip Learning and Ultra-Low Power Edge AI Mar 4, 2021
BrainChip Releases Fourth Episode in ‘This is our Mission’ Series Feb 26, 2021
BrainChip Inc. and NaNose Medical Successfully Detect COVID-19 in Exhaled Breath with Fast High-Accuracy Results Feb 25, 2021
BrainChip Releases Third Podcast Episode in ‘This is our Mission’ Series Feb 1, 2021
BrainChip Continues Podcast Series Jan 8, 2021
BrainChip Chief Development Officer Presents at the Edge AI and Vision Alliance Spotlight Webinar Dec 9, 2020
BrainChip Ships Akida™ Evaluation Boards Dec 8, 2020
BrainChip Initiates Podcast Series Beginning December 8, 2020 Dec 1, 2020
BrainChip Appoints Geoffrey Carrick as Non-Executive Director Nov 23, 2020
BrainChip Appoints Todd Vierra Director of Technical Sales Nov 17, 2020
Brain Inspired Computing Congress Features BrainChip Founder and CTO Peter van der Made Nov 17, 2020
BrainChip Demonstrates How its Akida Technology is Delivering the Next-Generation of AI at the Edge at First-Ever AI Field Day Nov 16, 2020
BrainChip Presents on AI in Edge Devices at Linley Fall Processor Conference 2020 Oct 2, 2020
BrainChip Demos Company’s Event-Based AI Neural Processor at Embedded Vision Summit Sep 9, 2020
BrainChip and VORAGO Technologies Agree to Collaborate through the Akida™ Early Access Program Sep 2, 2020
BrainChip Inc and Magik Eye Inc. Partner to Combine Best of AI with 3D Sensing for Total 3D Vision Solution Aug 18, 2020
BrainChip Inc Appoints Vice President of Worldwide Sales Aug 12, 2020
BrainChip Successfully Launches the Akida Early Access Program Jun 15, 2020
BrainChip Introduces Company’s Event-Based Neural-Network IP and NSoC Device at Linley Processor Virtual Conference Apr 2, 2020
BrainChip and Socionext Provide a New Low-Power Artificial Intelligence Platform for AI Edge Applications Mar 23, 2020
BrainChip Featured in ActualTech Media’s Emerging AI/ML and Data Science EcoCast Feb 25, 2020
BrainChip’s Akida Development Environment Now Freely Available for Use Feb 12, 2020
BrainChip Showcases Vision and Learning Capabilities of its Akida Neural Processing IP and Device at tinyML Summit 2020 Feb 7, 2020
BrainChip and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) jointly Present a Demonstration Featuring Its Akida Neuromorphic Technology Platform at NeurIPS 2019 Dec 4, 2019
The Linley Group Microprocessor Report Highlights BrainChip’s Akida™ Spiking-Neural-Network Processor Oct 31, 2019
Linley Conference 2019: Introducing Akida Oct 27, 2019
BrainChip Accelerates Global Marketing Initiatives in Advance of Bringing Akida™ Neuromorphic System-on-Chip to Market Oct 3, 2019
BrainChip and Socionext Sign a Definitive Agreement to Develop the Akida™ Neuromorphic System-on-Chip Jun 26, 2019
BrainChip Introduces a Powerful Neural Network Converter Jun 11, 2019
BrainChip Announces the Availability of Advanced AI Intellectual Property May 28, 2019
BrainChip Expands European Presence with Novo Technologies Feb 14, 2019
BrainChip Holdings Ltd Appoints Non-Executive Chairman Feb 10, 2019
BrainChip Partners with SoftCryptum to Deliver AI-powered Video Analytics to Government Agencies in European Countries Jan 7, 2019
BrainChip Studio 2018.3 Improves Facial Classification Accuracy Dec 19, 2018
BrainChip to Present at AI Edge Summit Nov 20, 2018
BrainChip Studio and Accelerator to be Demonstrated at International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference and Exposition Oct 3, 2018
BrainChip Acquires License to Cybersecurity Technology Oct 1, 2018
BrainChip to present at TechKnow Invest Roadshow Sep 23, 2018
BrainChip Announces the Akida™ Architecture, a Neuromorphic System-on-Chip Sep 10, 2018
BrainChip Partners with Telesikring to deliver AI-powered Video Analytics to Police and Security Customers across Scandinavia Aug 6, 2018
BrainChip to Showcase Neuromorphic Computing Solutions at MPSoC Jul 25, 2018
BrainChip Unveils the Akida™ Development Environment Jul 24, 2018
BrainChip Names James Roe Director of North American Sales Jul 11, 2018
BrainChip Appoints Julie H. Stein as Lead Independent Director Jun 20, 2018
BrainChip Visual Analytic Product Demonstrated in Macau Jun 17, 2018
BrainChip Studio to be Integrated as a Cognitive Engine within Veritone aiWARE Apr 26, 2018
BrainChip Inks Bager Southern California as Exclusive Sales Representative for Southern California Apr 18, 2018
New release of BrainChip Studio, the AI-powered video analysis software, adds auto-rotated models, Linux support and an API for easier systems integration Apr 5, 2018
BrainChip and Quantum to Demonstrate Interoperability of BrainChip Studio with StorNext File System Mar 26, 2018
BrainChip to be showcased at London Security and Counter Terrorism Exposition Mar 4, 2018
BrainChip to attend 30th Annual ROTH Conference Feb 27, 2018
BrainChip Adds Luis Coello as Director of Sales for EMEA Feb 1, 2018
December 2017 Quarter Update Jan 30, 2018
BrainChip and Gaming Partners International Sign Licensing, Development, and Revenue Sharing Agreement Jan 30, 2018
Company Update Webinar Jan 29, 2018
BrainChip Announces Change in Board Membership Dec 14, 2017
BrainChip triumphs at the 2017 Milipol Innovation Awards Nov 21, 2017
BrainChip Completes Placement to Raise A$21.5 million Oct 31, 2017
BrainChip and its Customers to Demonstrate AI-Powered Video Analytics Technology at Milipol 2017 Oct 26, 2017
BrainChip Ships First BrainChip Accelerator To a Major European Car Maker for Evaluation in ADAS and AV Systems Oct 24, 2017
BrainChip to Provide Artificial Intelligence Video Analytics for a Large-Scale Municipal Project Oct 17, 2017
BrainChip Introduces World’s First Commercial Hardware Acceleration of Neuromorphic Computing Sep 12, 2017
BrainChip to Participate in September Investor Conferences Sep 7, 2017
BrainChip Studio Awarded New Product of the Year for Video Analytics by Security Today’s Panel of Independent Judges Aug 22, 2017
BrainChip Appoints Ryan A. Benton as Chief Financial Officer Aug 15, 2017
BrainChip Provides June 2017 Quarter Update Aug 2, 2017
BrainChip to Participate in Mizuho Securities Silicon Valley AI Day Investor Conference Jul 31, 2017
BrainChip Adds Thomas Stengel as Vice President of Americas Business Development Jul 25, 2017
BrainChip Launches New AI-powered Software that Accelerates Pattern Search and Facial Classification Jul 19, 2017
BrainChip Holdings Ltd Appoints New Director Jul 10, 2017
BrainChip Joins Panel List of Speakers at Sundown AI Artificial Intelligence and Automation Conference Jul 3, 2017
BrainChip Holdings Ltd. and Safran collaborate on development of machine vision inspection system for harnesses production activities Jun 14, 2017
BrainChip Holdings Ltd. Announces Results Of Annual General Meeting Jun 1, 2017
BrainChip Announces New Casino Trial May 30, 2017
BrainChip Holding Ltd. Raises A$6.0 Million in Private Placement May 26, 2017
BrainChip to Participate in the 7th Annual LD Micro Invitational Investor Conference June 7, 2017 May 16, 2017
BrainChip Announces Sponsorship of 24th Joint Symposium on Neural Computation May 15, 2017
BrainChip to Participate in Cowen and Company 45th Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference June 1, 2017 May 12, 2017
BrainChip Provides March 2017 Quarter Update May 3, 2017
BrainChip, Inc. Announces Engagement in Civil Surveillance Trial with the French National Police Department of Toulouse Apr 28, 2017
BrainChip Files 2016 Annual Report Mar 31, 2017
BrainChip Announces the Appointment of Robert Beachler as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Mar 23, 2017
BrainChip Advances its Position as a Leading Artificial Intelligence Provider with an Exclusive License for Next-Generation Neural Network Technology Mar 20, 2017
BrainChip Holdings Ltd. Provides Updated Company Overview Feb 17, 2017
BrainChip Announces Deployment of Game Outcome Solution at Mohegan Sun Casino Jan 5, 2017
BrainChip Announces Appointment of Cossette Drossler as Vice President of Finance and Administration and Louis DiNardo as Executive Director Dec 13, 2016
BrainChip and Cisco Internet of Everything Innovation Center Sign Agreement to Demonstrate the Capabilities of BrainChip’s Spiking Neural Adaptive Processor (SNAP) Technology Dec 2, 2016
BrainChip Announces the Appointment of Julie H. Stein to the Board of Directors Nov 15, 2016
BrainChip Raises A$5.355 Million Through an Oversubscribed Placement Oct 27, 2016
BrainChip Appoints New Chief Executive Officer Louis DiNardo Oct 4, 2016
BrainChip signs strategic alliance with global advisory firm Advisian Sep 7, 2016
BrainChip Completes Acquisition of Spikenet Sep 6, 2016
BrainChip Acquires French Based Computer Vision Technology Company — Spikenet Technology Jun 30, 2016
BrainChip Signs Joint Development and Marketing Agreement With Inilabs GmbH, Developer of the Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS) Apr 15, 2016
BrainChip Releases Client / Server Interface Tool for SNAP Technology Mar 15, 2016
BrainChip Announces: Unsupervised Visual Learning Achieved Feb 23, 2016
Major Technological Advancement of BrainChip Artificial Intelligence — Autonomous Feature Extraction (AFE) System Developed Feb 18, 2016
BrainChip Provides Corporate Update and 2016 Outlook Feb 8, 2016
BrainChip Signs Joint Development and Marketing Agreement With Applied Brain Research Feb 1, 2016
BrainChip Retains MZ Group as Its Investor Relations Advisor Nov 24, 2015